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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week! Wacky Wednesday

TODAY for DR. SEUSS DAY, we read "Wacky Wednesday (because it was Wednesday DUH!). 

In Wacky Wednesday a young boy wakes up to  find many wacky things, it starts off with 1, and by the time the book ends, it goes to 20 something. The students had to respond to Wacky Wednesday, by telling what they would see....Found below are MOST of my students' work.

On Wacky Wednesday, It was a worm chasing a cat. 
There is a Desk on the Ceiling on Wacky Wednesday.

On Wacky Wednesday there was a house upside down and a person walking in upside down with the bed on the ceiling upside down. PLEASE NO MORE WACKY WEDNESDAY!!!
ON Wacky Wednesday there is a baby with 5 heads. On wacky wednesday, there is a cat chasing a dog. There are three houses on top of each other. On Wacky Wednesday there is a Chihuahua marrying a person. 

On Wacky Wednesday there is a straight up and down very skinny and twenty-five cars are going up the road (there was a picture of this in the book). A ant running faster than a cheetah. A flower getting nectar from a bee. The word hot dog saying dog hot. And the word Ice Cream is Cream ICe [many took it as opposite day]. A Rat chasing an OWL. A truck running away from a basket, and the sun was on the ground. "END THE"

On Wacky Wednesday a motel was swimming in an outdoor swimming pool. It would be Wacky. BAD-HI [opposite of Good-bye]...

ON Wacky Wednesday an octopus was in a house and people were in the sea. 

On Wacky Wednesday a house was on a house. One day there was a bus on a car. One day there was a house on  car. One day a kid fell on a city. One day a bird was on a little cat. 

On Wacky Wednesday a bird is "Pooping" Money.....[I guess THEY HAVE SEEN the GA Lottery Commercial, with the Goat]. ON Wacky Wednesday, a dog is marrying a person! 
ON Wacky Wednesday there was a shoe in a lunchbox. 

ON Wacky Wednesday, everything is weird. A shoe is on the wall and a car is on my house. A desk is on a desk and a fish is in a cup. And a Dog is on the wall.And a Dog is on a Cat. 
ON Wacky Wednesday a weird guy that has no head and walk through the door and he has no hands and he was ugly. He has no eyeballs and he can't figure it out. END THE! 
On Wacky Wednesday a car was on a house. The end! 

ON Wacky Wednesday at school there was 4 wacky stuff. there were 3 desk stacked on one another and the teacher was wearing roller-skates and a desk was turned the wrong way. after school lots of wacky stuff. there was a giraffe coming out of the water drain in the middle of the road and a house upside down and a tree with a chimney and a girl with no head and 100 houses stacked on top of each other upside down. That was 9 wacky stuff. 

On Wacky Wednesday a bus is on a tv. On wacky Wednesday a snowman is saying, "hello." ON wacky wednesday a apple ate a fish. On wacky wednesday a person turned into a love heart and had been thanking home.

ON Wacky Wednesday a bus driving upside down and no wheels. On Wacky Wednesdays 10 houses stacked on top of each other. On wacky Wednesday a baby chasing a truck. On Wednesday a boy chasing a school. 

ON Wacky Wednesday "Mr. Haggard is crazy, because Mr. Haggard is crazy he chases a monkey, the end!"

These were turned out cute and humorous!!!!
Dr. Seuss week is almost over.....expect to see our Final Activity featuring Horton the Elephant!

Mr. Haggard 

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