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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Horton Hears a who Activity


As promised, here is the "Horton" activity that I completed with my students. 

Since I didn't have a "Horton" book, I found this abridged version of Horton hears a who on youtube:

After the video, the students started on their activity. 

There were many components to this activity. 

1. Writing Prompt
2. Copies of ELEPHANT NOSE 
3. Construction Paper
4. Pipe Cleaners
5. Pom-Poms
6. Dicuts:
-Medium hearts (2 per students) [ears]
-Mini Hearts (2 per student) [inner ears]
-Circle (head)
-Half Circle (2 per student) [feet]
7. googly eyes

These were the items that I used based on my school's resources. I found a template that used the same shapes HERE!!!

Instead of making my students "CUT" a lot, I went ahead and made these dicuts for them.

The students had to complete their WRITING PROMPT FIRST.

2. The students were given their ELEPHANT NOSES. I drew my elephant nose, and copied it on cardstock. The students were told to color their noses, any color they wanted to (THIS IS ALL ABOUT CREATIVITY/FINE ARTS, students should be given the opportunity to be creative and not complete things in 1 way). 

3. The students were given their construction paper. I used Yellow. The construction paper serves as a background. 

4. The students were given a Ziploc bag that contained their DICUTS and THEIR GOOGLY EYES. 

5. The students were told to glue their pieces down in whatever order/location they liked. If they wanted to turn their paper vertical they could, or if they wanted it landscape, they could do that too. The students should also glue down their writing prompt. 

6. Once the students were done, I called them to the back to glue on a "clover" flower. Since I ran out of green pipe cleaners, I made 3 different colors of clovers. 
The Original "Horton-Pink/Green clover"

Thing 1 and Thing 2-blue/red combo

Orange and Green-Like Green eggs and ham! 

I hot glued the students' clover, wherever they wanted it. After everyone had a clover glued down,  I gave them an extra "clover" to keep!! 

To make the Clovers: 
-Take a Pipe Cleaner (twist it up).
-Take a colorful pompom and hot glue it to the end of the pipe cleaner. 

NOTE: Make sure you know which end of the pipe cleaner OR pompom has clue on it.. With you get something like cotton balls or pompoms stuck to you with hot glue it's a big scabby mess (as mentioned in my MLK day fiasco). 

Found below are the pictures of materials and student work...ENJOY!!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Clovers 

Classic Horton Clovers!! 

Green Eggs and Ham Clovers! 

Bag of Materials 


MR. Haggard's Example! Look and see how creative my students were in their placement of everything!


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