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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DR. SEUSS-OMANIA!! Because a bug went kachoo.

HELLO--This week as we all know was Dr. Seuss' Birthday. NEA's Read Across America week!! Found below are activities as well as writings that we completed everyday this week. Note: Tuesday was another "rain day" for us, so we were unable to do  an activity!! 

All Because a Bug Went Ka-Choo!

To Introduce the lesson, I read "All Because a Bug Went Ka-choo!" 

After Reading, The students and I discussed cause and effect some more. The students already know from their reading skills that an effect is something that happened and a cause is why it happened! I told them to think about some cause-and-effects similar to the story we read! I told the students to try to make it Rhyme Like Dr. Seuss  (if they could)....These are just a few!! I thought they turned out great!! 

"Because a Cat fell off a tree, a boy skint his knee and it was in the city." (she used a high-frequency word of the week). 

A Little Dog got stuck on a log then it saw a green frog!

"Because a little bug went Ka-choo! A crown hit a city and sat it down and a man cried, "Ha, I'm taking a lovely nap here!" 

"Because the Bug Fell out of the tree, he scared me!" 

Because a Little Nut hit me on the head, I went OUCH!  But it hurt me so I got on the Couch! 

Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo, it blew a house down hit a ship fail in the ocean blue! Hit a starfish and went Kachoo! 

A little bug went Kachoo because a cat fell out of a tree and the boy fell and skint his knee. Because a Monkey jumped out of the zoo!! 

Because a Clown Ran to Town, everyone sat down! 
One day, a monkey got out of the tar, and ran in the street  and hit a car!!......(hahaha!! LOVE HIS'!!)!!! 

HOPE These find you in great spirits~~

Mr. Haggard 

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