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Monday, December 19, 2011

Synonym Frogs!

Via my cooperating teacher (2011), Mrs. Gibbs!
Synonym Frogs!

For this activity, the students were given 3 lilly pads and 3 frogs, these were made by using our school's dicut machine.

The students were called to the back table in small groups. There were roughly 40 flash cards with words on them. The students had to match two cards together making a synonym pair (ex: Demonstrate: Show).....a few of the words were from the students' vocabulary from that week, and prior weeks. 

Once each student made 3 matches, they wrote them on the frogs/lily pads. One word went on the frog: "small" and the matched word went on the lily pad: "short"....

the students glued the frog to the lily pad and then glued the whole thing to a sentence strip.

My mentor teacher created a header: "Our, LEAPING, JUMPING, Synonyms!

One student's work!! I did not take a lot of pictures of the activities that I helped with this semester, but I did manage to get the final product of some of them!

-Mr. H. 

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