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Monday, December 19, 2011

Possessive Nouns

Possessive Nouns........
For this activity my cooperating teacher taught the students a lesson on possessive nouns. She showed the students that when a noun shows ownership, you add an apostrophe S

On Day 1, My teacher gave the students 1 sticky note each. They had to write a sentence about a noun in the room showing possession, and stick it on the noun. The noun could be a Person, Place or Thing. Only a few students stuck a sticky note on Mrs. Gibbs or Myself!

This activity could be modified for labeling skills.
Since the students had to write sentences, you could also introduce adjectives/adverbs this way as well.
Many of the students sentences included:
The table's legs are broken.
The board's marker is blue.
The computer's screen is white.

I did not take picture of THIS activity THIS DAY, so here are a few of examples of what it would have looked like:

The Second Time:
The first time the students completed the activity, some of them struggled a little bit, not wanting to create "possessive" sentences, instead they would say, "The desk is brown." During this day, it was my last day of Observations/Practicums for the semester, so the students made it, "Mr. Steven Day." My mentor teacher (Mrs. Gibbs), told the students before hand to be thinking about possessive sentences involving me....
In order for the student to stick the note on me, it had to include possession....
Sentences Included: 
Mr. Steven's shoes are pretty.
Mr. Steven's shirt is pretty.
Mr. Steven's ears are big.  (haha)
Mr. Steven's name tag (student ID) has his name.
Mr. Steven's card (name tag) is gold and pretty. <--our college Student Id is called a Gold Card......

Mr. Steven's tag has a picture of him on it.
Mr. Steven's belt buckle is silver.
Mr. Steven's face is white.
Mr. Steven's hair is pretty.
Mr. Steven's pants are Khaki.
Mr. Steven's shoes are pretty and tan.
....there were some that were repeated (big ears/lips, pretty shirt, etc...)

This would be a really fun activity for your students especially being able to label/their teacher:

--MR. H. 

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