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Monday, December 19, 2011


This idea was created by my Mentor Teacher during my first week of Field Experience!

The students were learning a unit on Nouns.....

They started with Common Nouns, and watched the  SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK video that went along with the lesson. 

The next lesson, the students learned about Proper Nouns. They learned that proper nouns include CAPITAL LETTERS (ex: Mr. Haggard, Disneyworld)
Then the students completed an activity called "the noun  tree." I created the Tree Trunk and the "Leafy part" out of bulletin board paper! The "maple leaves" were created from the Die-Cut machine at our school, I used different colors, since it was FALL at the time....
 My cooperating teacher (Mrs. Gibbs), made flash cards with common nouns (teacher, book, school etc...) and Proper Nouns (Walmart, Cumbee Park etc...). The students picked two cards from the random stack, and had to identify for me, whether the nouns were Common or Proper. Then the students were given 3 leaves, 2 of the leaves were used for the words the student pulled from the stack....the third leaf was for the student to write their name!! You of course ask the students, "What type of noun is your name?"......Proper :)!......Look Back for a Possessive noun Idea, that my teacher also used!

~~~~Filled Tree~~~~

-Mr. H. 

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