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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fact and Opinion Leaves

The second lesson plan I created this semester
"Fact and Opinion Leaves"

This lesson plan was created for my Intro to Reading class. 
We had to create a reading lesson, while relating it to a book.
I chose a lesson my cooperating teacher (GIBBS), thought about/shared with me.

To begin the lesson, I read my students "Fall" by Tanya Thayer:

We discussed the genre of the book (the students had been reading non-fiction stories the past two weeks), so they knew it was True/full of facts.

We also discussed how opinions are what others believe, or what we believe that someone else may not. I explained key-phrases to look for when deciding if something is an opinion....."Are they ranking something?" (this story is the best,....this food is nasty). "Are they telling you to do something" (you should not watch tv, because..... You would love this movie.)

Once we went over facts and opinions, we started the activity.

---But First......
This activity related to students' prior knowledge/schema....
During the few days before this, the students completed other FACT activities....The 1st day the students drew a tree on a piece of construction paper and glued die-cut leaves. Then they wrote facts about trees that they had read from their reading story that week.

The 2nd day, the students made leaf prints. On the inside of their leaf print book, the students wrote FACTS about Fall time that they already knew....the students struggled to list facts about fall, so when I presented my lesson, it was perfect to assist them with Facts they may not have thought about!

***Back to Activity!****

While reading the book "Fall" to the students, I would explain each page in detail, ("In fall the days are shorter"....."If you haven't noticed recently, it has been getting dark earlier" ).  After I read the book, I told the students this book was full of FACTS. Everything we read was true! I then had a list of 6 facts and 6 opinions that I read to the students. After each statement I would ask the students whether the statement was a fact or an opinion?
Here is the list of sentences I created: 
1. Halloween is the best holiday in the fall. (opinion)
2. Thanksgiving is a holiday in November. (fact)

3. In the fall, animals store food for the winter. (fact)
4. Fall is my favorite season. (opinion)

5. Everyone should trick or treat on Halloween. (opinion)
6. Leaves in the fall change many different colors. (Fact)

7. Farmers harvest their crops in the fall to prepare for winter. (Fact).
8.     Football is the best sport to play in the fall months.  (Opinion)

9.  .  Animals should not store more food than they can eat in the fall, because they’re wasting it.  (Opinion)

 10.          The colors of the leaves in fall are not pretty. (Opinion).
 11.          In the fall, birds fly south for the winter. (Fact).

12.          The Pilgrims and the Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving together.  (fact). 

After we discussed each statement and determined whether they were facts or opinions, I passed out the Fact/Opinion Leaves. My mentor teacher gave me the worksheet to use, the worksheet had two leaves on it. One of the leaves had a smiling leaf, and the other had lines (for writing sentences) on it. 

This is not the document my teacher gave me to use, but this is what i found online, for the effect of it:
The students received two worksheets each, one worksheet was for FACTS; the other was for OPINION! 
On the fact sheet, the students had to write the word FACT on the smiling leaf, and then write 2-3 facts on the leaf the had the LINES. They could use the list that we used, the FALL book, or any FACT that they KNEW that related to FALL!

Then the students did the same for the OPINION sheet.

Once the students completed this, they were allowed to color their leaves, BUT only with COLOR PENCILS/CRAYONS, (if you colored in marker it would  cover the sentences, which defeated the purpose).

Once the students colored the leaves, they cut them out, and glued the backs of them together! 
After this, I hole punched the leaves, and attached yarn to it, to hang up in the classroom.

Here is the completed assignment:

This was a very fun assignment to do with "My Students" this semester!

-Mr. H. 

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