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Friday, December 9, 2011


The students used the following template

I copied and pasted the picture into a word document, in order to make a BIG PUMPKIN and a SMALL PUMPKIN for each student.

Then I completed an activity. The students had a flash card taped under their desk, they had to name an antonym for that word, (ex: If the student had "HOT", "Cold" would be the antonym pair. Once the students made their matches, they would:
1. Bring their pumpkins and cards to me, so I could write the words/matches on their pumpkins.
2. Cut out their pumpkins
3. Color their pumpkins (any color they wanted).
4. Glue the small pumpkin onto the side of the BIG PUMPKIN.
5. Then I hole punched the pumpkin, and put yarn through it. After all pumpkins were completed, we hung them up on our "vine" 
Completed--vine, pumpkins, and Pumpkin Header

The Pumpkin Vine was created with Bulletin Board Paper, that was rolled up and crinkled to give it the "vine-y effect." 
antonym vine with the students' antonym pumpkins.

The Header Pumpkin that says, "LOOK At Our Antonym Pumpkin Patch" was created with 6 sheets of Orange construction paper, and cut to form a pumpkin. Our school was out of orange BB paper at the time, SO I had to make due with what we had! I also cut out a leaf and stem out of construction paper
Pumpkin Header

This lesson plan just happened to fall during the time of Halloween, but you could use any idea to relate antonyms. 

PS..DID you notice or wonder why we used a BIG pumpkin and a small pumpkin? IF YOU GUESSED............ BIG:small are antonyms you were correct :)!

-Mr. H. 

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