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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pinwheel Rockets----Newton's Laws of Motion Experiment.

I found this experiment online a few years ago to use for my LIAT (Lesson In A Trunk) [Lesson Plan] for one of my ISCI classes.....I did not teach this lesson to my students, but my class of future teachers....

I have attached the Lesson Plan Document for you. The document includes: Instructions (that will be posted later in this blog), background information, questions for the students to answer after the experiment, EXTENSION ASSIGNMENTS, Answer Keys.
Lesson Plan Link


Materials Needed:
1. Pencils with Erasers
2. Balloons
3. Flexible Drinking Straws (the kind that bend).
4. Tape
5. Push Pins

*Slip the Nozzle end of the balloon over the long end of the straw (the end farthest from the bend).

*Tape the balloon around the straw so that No air is able to escape when you inflate it.

Steps 1-2

 * a.     When you think you have taped the nozzle securely, test it out, by blowing into the straw, you may also have to stretch the balloon out a little bit. If your balloon inflates a sufficient amount, you are ready to go on to step 3, if not re-tape the balloon, and test it out again

Balloons Should be a little bigger than or similar size to the the 2nd picture!!
**Bend the other end of the straw at a right angle toward you, as seen in the above picture.

**With the straw on its' side stick your push pin through the middle of the straw.

***Then Continue to push the pin through the eraser of your pencil.

Pin pushed through straw and pencil
**Spin the straw to loosen the hole in it, and test its spinning capabilities. 

***Your Pinwheel Rocket is NOW complete****
NOTE: depending on the grade level steps 4-6 may have to be completed by an Adult since the students would be using "Sharp Objects" (push pins). 

Completed Rockets

**Once the students have successfully completed the "Construction Steps" the teacher will countdown and everyone will blow their balloons up together, once you have blown it up, take your mouth off of the straw and seee the surprise!

Show your Students a toy pin wheel (from the dollar store or walmart) and how you don't have to blow it, or have wind for it to work, simply walk forward and the pinwheel moves!!!! By making your Own pinwheel Rockets, it also helps your wheel chair bound students to partake in the "FUN-NESS of a PINWHEEL!!! 

I hope you enjoy the extension activities/questions/etc... 

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