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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Technology Mishap and Cloudy with a chance of meat balls part 1

Prologue: Technology! Don'tcha love it?? At the school that I am completing Student Teaching  we have loads of technology from Smartboards, IPADS (1 for each teacher), and even "TeachLogic" sound system. 


AS you know, I picked up my writing block FIRST for student teaching. AS the weeks have progressed, I have struggled to find new ideas!! I came across TEACHHUB video responses: teachhub site. The site has videos (some trailers, some songs, etc...) for the students to respond to after watching. I have tried to use 1 a week (once I found the site). 

Now going back to the prologue.....As you know, technology can be your friend one minute and hate you the next....with the new sound system our school got placed in each classroom, It is often hard to hear video clips, due to the humming noise! So on Tuesday afternoon (the day before the teach-hub lesson), I decided to test it out. Come to find out, the video wasn't in it's normal place! Something must have been wrong with the site. 

SO being the resourceful teacher that I am, I tried to check all of the "video" sites to find the "monsters' inc. trailer." Since the video is not listed under "education," YOUTUBE would not pull it up, and had a block (via; our school). So I checked teachertube, and schooltube, NOTHING. 

BUT THEN..............................

I had a fantastic Idea! Since we had read a snippet of "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" from our Anthology book (for problem and solution) the day before, I attempted to find that trailer. When I typed it into  schooltube, I found these collections of gems, and I KNEW that my students would LOVE THEM!!! Thank you to Allisa Bruce for the idea found here: Cloudy Video . So around 4:00, I got BUSY!!! I rapidly typed up a short little prompt, ran to the copy room to make the copies for the next day, got some bulletin board paper to wrap around the podium (news desk), 

AND THEN RECORDED MYSELF as a surprise to my students at the end of the lesson:

******Check Back for my next post, where  I will share some of my students responses, the writing prompt i used, and the instructions.....this will be found at 

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (part 2) found here: 

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