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Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY-Running Display Wall

Apart from teaching and being an AWANA director, I have always loved to RUN as a past time. I started running Cross Country in High School. In cross country, our meets consisted of running a 5k (3.1 miles). After High School, I began running in local area 5k's (Road Races). Not only did this keep me in shape, but it was something that I loved to do. I even finally Ran my first HALF-MARATHON in March 2012. After this half-marathon, I ran a few road races. However, due to the amount of stress and no free time from my last 2 semesters of the Education program that included Student Teaching, "running" got put on the "back-burner." With the majority of road races coming up soon, I am determined to get back into running shape this year and add more "awards" to my display. 

This post will show my DIY running wall from many different inspirations from several pinterest pins. 

I am currently in the process of remodeling (painting, flooring,etc..) my entire room. So I had to take down my previously "decorated" award wall. Before the current display, I had all of my running pictures and bibs (that I had kept) stapled/taped to the wall. around the bibs and pictures, I would hang my medals on medium sized tacks. After browsing pinterest the past few years, I have always been interested in the "award/bib display boards" that people make. I took a variation of ideas and incorporated them for my wall. 

1. Bibs:
Previously: my bibs were taped or stapled to my wall.

NOW: I created TWO bib canvas boards. Here are the how to's for my boards:

-Canvas (I think it is 11x14). They come in a pack of 3 from walmart [super cheap].

-Paint/brushes (being an education major, I already had these on hand).

-plastic wall hanging hooks. 

-Command Velcro picture hanging strips. 

a-Paint your canvas in the colors or design that you want it. Also paint inspirational sayings on it, or even just the word "Bibs." 

b-Once the paint dried, I attached my plastic hooks to the canvas board. 

C-I used picture hanging velcro strips to hang the canvas. 

D- I put my bibs on the hanging hooks. 

2. Pictures. 
Since the canvas came in a pack of three, I used the 3rd canvas as a picture board. I only have roughly 6 running Pictures that are PRINTED. I have several more that I may add later down the line. To make my picture board, I first tacked the pictures where I wanted them. Then I painted the leftover white space between the pictures. After that, I hot glued my pictures to the board. I also used velcro strips to hang my picture board. 

3. R-U-N
To add an extra element to my wall, I purchased the wooden letters from Wal-Mart to spell the word RUN. At my hometown's walmart, there are a small abundance of letters in our craft department. I found an R and an U just fine! I was missing my N. Since I found 2 U's. I decided that I would just turn one of the U's upside down to form an N. I painted the Letters and after drying hung them up with strips as well. 

4. Medals
For the medals I have won, I used the rest of my "hooks" and mounted them on the wall. I tied two medals together for each hook (except my heavy Half marathon medal). I still have 2 trophies that I have to figure out how to place somewhere! Below is the final results of everything on my running wall! 

Have a Blessed Night,
Mr. H. 

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