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Thursday, February 14, 2013

OUR 100th day of school

Ahhhh the 100th day of school. A time for making crafty hats/glasses/etc.... while counting to 100, a billion times (if you're in the younger grades, you will realize that when your students "Lose" count, it's often up to you to help them recount, and fix their mistakes! 

For the 100th day of school, my kiddos made 100th day hats to wear throughout the day (we made necklaces at the end of the day). 

For MY WRITING LESSON    I informed the students that we would be "making" our 100 year old selves. First, they had to "Write" though. I had the students write on a writing prompt, what they would do/where they would be/etc... when they're  100 years old. I even told them the year that MOST of them would turn 100. 2106-2107.  AFTER they wrote their response, they were able to make a "self portrait" of themselves. 

Listed are the materials:
---Long Construction paper
----Skinned color construction paper

----Assortment colored paper
----Cotton Balls or cotton pads
--Hot glue
---googly Eyes


1. The students had to write their prompt BEFORE they were allowed to do their activity. 

2. The students had to draw a circle on skin toned construction paper (face).

3. The student chose 1-2 different pieces of colored paper to create an outfit. 

4. The student glued their writing prompt,  head and clothes to the long paper.

5. The teacher hot glued eyes, and cotton balls/pads (hair,mustaches) in the places they wanted them. 

6. The student finished adding any extra features to their person. 

Found below is the awesome outcome of this little activity:

Then........Mr. Haggard gave his class a little gift, to celebrate 100 days smarter, the students received: "We're 100 day smarties" candies. 

I wish I could have used a pair of pants, but we didn't have that dicut.

This has been one of my most favorite activities that I have completed, EVER!!!!! The Students' 100 day selves all turned out soooooo cute!!! I will also continue to have a painful memory branded on me forever. When hot gluing cotton on to something, make sure that you know what end has the hot glue on it, and make sure it NEVER makes contact with your skin


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