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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello Everyone, 

   It has definitely been a while since my LAST post. Before I discuss my most recent set of lessons, I thought I would bring you up to speed. Over the summer, my classmates and I were required to take 4 classes; 2 online math classes, and Language Arts/PE for educators. After our last class in late July, we were given our EXCITING STUDENT TEACHING PLACEMENTS FOR SPRING 2013!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT :)
 It is required, that we attend all of our school's pre-planning days, as well as the first week of school. I am joined with another one of my classmates at Irwin. I loved my first two weeks with my mentor teacher and students. I learned soooo much in that 1 1/2 week time!! I have never witnessed "the script" before, that you learn and read about in Dr. Wong's First Days of School. Every opportunity that I've had to observe has come AFTER the first month or so of school. 

   During the pre-planning time, I was able to assist and help my teacher in the preparation of her room. I made first week of school copies for the whole 1st grade, and definitely felt a part of the school atmosphere! LOVE IT!!!!!....I also believe that I have gained many Collegial  relationships. 

   The best apart of opening experiences for me, had to be "MEET THE PARENT" night. During this day, I was able to meet many parents, whose children I would be teaching in the spring. This experience made me feel OLD! The parent of one students was my teacher in High School!!!! It was awesome being introduced and seeing students' reactions for the first time. I hope this feeling never goes away, as I hopefully plan MY future classroom one day!! 

   AFTER "Opening Experiences" were over, I had to return to take 5 more classes with my Co-hort program, as well as complete 1 more set of practicums. With this set of practicums, I was placed in a 4th grade classroom at Irwin County (2 lesson plans to come in the next 2 blog post). I finished the semester on a HIGH NOTE, and I am now ready to join my first graders in January. 

   I have posted some of the photos from "pre-planning days" below that I took around my teacher's classroom, as well as photos of the class that I had to take for an assignment (later in the semester). 

PSSSSSS........During This Semester, I took one part of my GACE for Early Childhood, WHICH I PASSED!!!!!! I complete my next part in January, the Saturday before my Student Teaching Placement BEGINS. If you keep up with my Blogs, please say a prayer for me and my classmates, as this is one of the last stops in our educational journey, before we're certified. Please enjoy a look into my student teaching classroom. I hope to be able to continue blogging during student teaching, so that you can get a "Look into my Road to Student Teaching." 

-MR. H. 

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